When will you join the Crowd in the Cloud?


About three years ago, I learned about DropBox at a CCIM National Conference and it started a change in my business and my life that has been nothing short of amazing. Since then, I’ve found myself helping others to simplify their lives by moving more and more of their business processes and practices into cloud-computing resources. In October, I addressed nearly 500 agents at the Richmond Association of Realtors “REALTOR FEST” in the Richmond Convention Center for a presentation entitled, “The Cloud: Your Next Business Address.

In 2011, we moved all of our office files to a DropBox account that synchronizes four computers as well as the off-premises/”cloud” backup which makes it possible for me to access anything in my office computer from my phone, tablet or from any computer anywhere in the world by using my email and password. As long as the hotel has a¬†¬†business center with computers (PC or Mac), I’m as good as sitting at my desk. We also moved our email server from the website hosting company to Google and signed up for Google Apps for Business which has been also pretty amazing. I create all of our marketing materials with REI Wise which automatically populates my website with the current inventory and this blog is automatically updated to our website homepage as well.

There is a lot written and more being written on the Web every day about the cloud and how rapidly we are moving away from desktop and legacy computing models to a more virtual, cloud-computing model. I find it exciting to think that we may soon all be choosing which Internet browser we prefer instead of choosing an operating system. Google got a little ahead of the rest of the world when they introduced the ChromeBook, but I firmly believe that it is showing us the way to the future we can all expect and soon.

So, when will you join me and the rest of the crowd in the cloud?

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