Tricks of the Trade (Show) from The Commercial Broker


My good friend and coach Rod Santomassimo very recently published a blog post on The Commercial Broker titled “Tricks of the Trade (Show),” offering nine tips for getting the most out of attending trade shows and conferences.  In paragraph three, Rod reveals:

As my good friend Jim Tucker (CCIM, Richmond, Virginia) has told me again and again, “This is a belly to belly business”.  And in fact it is.  And although I naturally gravitate to Jim whenever we happen to attend the same meeting, I rarely spend time with him and anyone else I know for that matter, at these events.  You see, these trade shows are our best opportunity to “get known” and build future relationships, such as I proudly have with Jim.

Take a look at the rest of the post here you’ll walk away with some great advice on taking these opportunities to initiate as many new relationships as possible.

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