Tools for Commercial Real Estate Brokers


Every business has it’s own tools which we need to learn to use effectively if we are to be successful. Commercial real estate is no different and with the dawn of technology, the proliferation of “tools” is amazing.

Since our business is one of “high-touch” relationships, use of a CRM system is of particular importance and for me, it has to be cloud-based which is why I’ve chosen to use ClientLook to organize, track and communicate with clients and prospects. Equally important is the ability to organize property information and present financial analysis data in an easily understood format which is exactly what the PowerBroker System by REI Wise does for my business. This tool actually won for me the Deal of the Month status at the REI Wise website this month!

As a CCIM Designee, I’m blessed with member access to Site To Do Business with some truly amazing tools that allow me to research everything from demographics to crime statistics to the names and phone numbers of every business around my particular site.

The most recent tool I’ve added to my toolbox is ProspectNow which allows me to research property ownership, loan status, tenants in possession and all while viewing an aerial of the property in the same place at the same time! It even provides me with phone numbers of owners and their email addresses in some cases. Talk about a time saver!

OK, there’s more including Google Apps for Business, Google Voice, DropBox, SnagIt and others that I’ve come to rely on to make my life infinately easier. All of them work across the devices I use that include Android tablet, phone, laptop and desktops. Most are cloud-based so I have full access to my entire office from any location and on any computer that is connected to the Internet.

However, as we all understand, it is not the tools but the skill of the craftsman that make the difference in the results produced. Choose your tools carefully and then PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE so you can be recognized as that skilled craftsman!

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