The Search for the Perfect CRM

CapsuleAbout a decade ago, I became aware of how Outlook would never be anything but a glorified address book. And if I was going to leverage technology to improve my relationship skills, I needed to find a Client Relationship Management tool (“CRM”) that would capture important customer information that would be useful in adding value to those important relationships.

OK, I confess that it has not been an easy path and ultimately, the finest piece of wisdom I’ve collected along the way came from my good friend, Chuck Cutler at Client Look who said, “The perfect CRM is the one you use.” My behavior patterns were a perfect demonstration of this wisdom as we proceeded to try REA, Realhound, ACT!, ACT! for CRE and most recently ClientLook with less than perfect results (i.e. I was not using any of them!!!).

About two months ago, I came upon something called CapsuleCRM and my assistant and I have been using it for about two months and we LOVE IT! Let me give you the reasons why…

  • It plays very nice with Gmail and Google Apps for Business which we also love. Capsule inserts a “gadget” into Gmail that provides a one-click path to (a) adding a contact into the CRM and (2) placing a copy of an email and all attachments into that contact record.
  • It is very, VERY intuitive and very, VERY clean interface. I like simple and boy is this ever easy to use in every respect.
  • Connected with social media. Automatically grabs photos from Facebook, Google+ ¬†and Twitter accounts. Auto links to LinkIn accounts and more.
  • Very affordable. For less than $25/month, my assistant and I both have our own accounts which link into a common database.
  • Linkages to lots of other tools including MailChimp
  • Management of sales pipelines and opportunities and more…much more.

There is a 30-day free trial which we made use of in evaluating this tool and I must say that not a day goes by that I don’t find another reason to praise this product. If you are frustrated with the complicated CRM programs that require days of training and want something that simply works and is affordable, I highly recommend you try CapsuleCRM and see for yourself.

Good luck!

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