Start With Why

Simon Sinek wrote the book Start With Why.

Launching a new commercial real estate brokerage company after 8+ years being attached to the “mother ship” of a national firm was both exciting and pretty scary three years ago. Thanks to a host of talented resources and loyal friends and clients, it has been a rewarding and memorable experience. One friend and fellow member of a BNI networking group suggested that I download a video on the TED network by Simon Sinek, author of the book “Start With Why” and it was probably one of the most important suggestions I received during that time and since.

I’ve come to understand that discovering your “Why” is actually something that needs time (and no small amount of effort) to truly reveal. It has been like peeling an onion in more ways than one. For one, I tend to use many more words to express an idea as are ever necessary, so putting my Why on a diet was a chore. Second, it isn’t always easy to express WHY you do what you do comfortably to everybody with a straight face (wife, customer, new employee, priest, etc.). And finally, who among us is truly objective about ourselves?

Simon’s “Golden Circle” concept that helped me. Answering the three questions that define his circle forced me to define my What, How and Why I do what I do and now, I’ll share with you the results…

What do you do? – “I am a commercial real estate broker who transforms real estate problems into money-solutions so my clients can stop writing checks and start cashing them.”

 How do you do it? – “Mostly, I engage marketing strategies and resources that help people to take action. Here’s an outline of how that happens…

  • S.W.O.T. analysis for a big-picture understanding.
  • Strategic planning to achieve a time-bound outcome.
  • Engage target market with proven resources.
  • Negotiate agreement among all stakeholders.
  • Manage the process to successful closure.

Why do you do it? – “I love bringing game-changing methods that achieve startling results.”

Now, what is truly enlightening about this that I hope everyone who reads it will take away is this… I did not arrive at any of this without asking for help from my current and past clients. I went to them and humbly asked them how they saw what I do and how they thought I did it. And finally, I asked them what they saw about me that seemed to make me the happiest in working with them. I found my “Why” when several of them said, “You just love solving difficult problems for people.”

And, they are right.

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