Rule A Small Domain!

Call a commercial real estate broker and ask him or her if they can…

a) Find you an office space
b) Find you an investment property
c) List your investment property for sale
d) Find you a warehouse to lease
e) List some land for sale for you

And the answer from that broker will almost always be “Of course I can!


Why do we feel it is necessary to be all things to all people when we can never be? Our CRE business is vast and being an expert in every single aspect of even the smaller, mid-sized markets is an impossibly large job. So, why don’t we FOCUS on what we are best at and, as one of my early mentors suggested, and “Rule a small domain!”

Some years back, a coach I hired was giving me some guidance on business planning for the coming year. She interrupted me when I began with my lofty list of goals and objectives I wanted to list for the coming 12 months and said, “Why don’t you make a “Stop-Doing List” first?” Talk about dead-air in the conversation! I had no idea what she meant, but today I do and today as I look back on the past few years, I realize that I am just like the person I described in the first paragraph. I am allowing myself to be “chosen” for assignments instead of pursuing the work I love and am best at doing. That just happens to be listing & marketing investment commercial real estate. Not leasing. Not tenant rep. Not even buyer rep. With nearly a quarter million square feet of buildings I’ve developed, leased and sold, I know how to evaluate, position and market property and I love doing it! So, why don’t I do more of it and learn how to say “NO!” to those assignments that simply take me away from the business I love?

As the month of January draws to a close, I can honestly report that I have referred all of the landlord leasing-rep listings to other brokers and have now sent all of the calls to find space to other brokers as well. I have developed a prospecting plan to target owners of highly-appreciated properties and several are getting close to becoming listings. I am happier. There is not nearly the volume of “undone” work waiting for me each morning and I am working with exactly the type of clients I want to work with and enjoy.

All I had to do was remember to say “No.”

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