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All real estate is unique and the value of each investment in real estate requires an understanding of how that “uniqueness” fits into the future. Facilitating that understanding is our future. We are leading the way to that future with relationships and the skillful use of resources that deliver results to our clients.

Relationships. Resources. Results.

ImageThese three words sum up our value proposition and business plan for 2010 and beyond. Commercial real estate investment is not complicated, but in order to be profitable, it must be disciplined. Capital is the necessary fuel of our business, but the source of truth necessary for the wise deployment of that capital lies in the local knowledge of markets which dictate both intrinsic and relative values. Access to information, available capital and opportunities is facilitated through relationships. Resources and technology allow effort to be vastly magnified to secure an advantage in knowledge to drive effective decisions. And results are generally only secured by the focused and relentless persistence to win the race. Let’s break it down further…

Relationships: A reputation is simply what your relationships are willing to say about you because they believe you will not let them down. At NetWorksCRE.com, we treasure the testimony of our relationships and are committed to performance that will meet or exceed their and your expectations. That’s why we are able to obtain cooperation from sources across the US to market properties and to find opportunities. Our relationships trust us and you get the benefit of that trust as our clients.

Resources: Marketing commercial real estate today is best understood by the statement, “It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile.” The playing field has changed and changes more every day. Classified ads are now Internet Portals; copy machines have been replaced by digital e-blasts; marketing packages are now property websites. Analytical skills today must include the ability to manipulate GIS data sets and perform market segmentation analysis. In short, ‘professionalism’ has been redefined by technology and the ability to access it and effectively use it. Anything less simply puts you outside of the playing field boundaries. At NetWorksCRE.com we utilize the very latest in technological tools and network connectivity to guarantee our clients will be served by the very best industry resources.

Results: All the digital marketing wizardry, market and GIS analysis is wasted if we somehow lose sight of the goal-line which is a closed transaction that meets the participant expectations. Thankfully, human interaction will always play a major role in getting us there. At NetWorksCRE.com we understand the importance of “belly-to-belly” interaction and are experienced in the relationship and negotiation skills necessary to close the deal. That’s why you hire us.

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The extremely professional manner in which you helped me work through the final contract negotiations saved us thousands of dollars. Your many years of commercial real estate experience were most apparent in bringing a favorable close”

Ed Dickerson | President
Tri-State Insurance Agencies.

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