How to write an effective newsletter


Every time our monthly “Adding Value eNews” goes out, I get about a dozen replies from readers with complements and asking how I did it.  So, here’s a post that will hopefully inspire those considering offering their contacts something useful that they will actually read, rather than adding to the superfluous missives in any given inbox.

InfusionSoft offers a very informative post that sums up the basics, here, and identifies 5 points to master before hitting ‘send.’  Number one is number one for a reason: Be sure to discuss topics of interest and value for your customers and prospects.  We have access to various subscription industry information and there’s always a packaging of that from my point of view, experience, and local market.  I also always strive to offer not only relevant industry related news, but topics that can apply to or help the success of ANY business, so that usually means some general marketing or entrepreneurial advice or coverage of a new application in these areas.

Another place that my team and I really are constantly tweaking and adapting is the appearance: layout, design and visual branding.  This is where we want to shine equally with content, because honestly in business a lot of people do judge a book by it’s cover.  I am a professional who focuses heavily on 1) relationships and 2) today’s technology, therefore everything we do reflects that.  I can tell you that our success in this is directly related to my willingness to bring on board skilled marketing support. So, the “answer” really is that if you want to walk the walk, you have to spend some money and you have to spend it wisely.

Lastly, contact information has really expanded in 2009 for the Jim Tucker team, because now it goes beyond email to offer channels to connect in a variety of social networking platforms.  This blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and yes, even Twitter have been portals to wider audiences and new business relationships.  So, we have easily positioned opportunities for readers to find us on all these venues with each newsletter.

I truly believe when all of these areas are executed correctly, it makes for a successful newsletter. The compliments are nice, but the “proof is in the pudding” and in this case, that is the stats.  Every month our newsletter open and click through rates meet – and usually exceed – industry standards of success.  And it doesn’t hurt that subscriptions increase as well.

If you’d like to view a ‘sneak peek’ video of my newsletter’s content and sign up for the “Adding Value eNews,” click here.

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