CCIM Institute Prepares to Launch Data Exchange


A critical component to the NetWorks CRE resources is the upcoming CCIMREDEX platform, which the CCIM Institute is preparing to launch in spring 2010.  Just one interpretation of how this resource is so unique:

“An analogy that we like to use with CCIMREDEX is comparing it to the iPhone. The true power of CCIMREDEX is in the third-party applications.” The system uses application tools to run financial and lease analyses on properties, and to provide demographic information and manage documents. The applications also can be used to create PDF proposals, Flash Web sites, eBooks and other cutting edge marketing tools, says Kuhlmann. Read more from NRE Investor Online >>

CCIMREDEX is a Real Estate Data Exchange and a repository of commercial property data that is owned by the CCIM Institute. CCIMREDEX essentially provides a platform for CCIM Institute members to research, analyze and market properties all in one place. Members can access property locations, demographics, sales and lease history and enter property data one time with the ability to send it out to multiple listing outlets worldwide. CCIMREDEX is a member benefit that is provided for no charge to all CCIM Institute members, including Designees and Candidates. Visit

In November, the CCIM Institute announced a partnership with Proxio, which will assist CCIM Institute members in exchanging property information worldwide and networking with other professionals around the globe. This global exchange of data will connect CCIM Institute members with those who would otherwise be geographically out of reach.

Proxio internationalizes real estate professionals worldwide by providing property display technology and networking solutions in multiple languages. Proxio’s platform delivers white label marketing and networking applications under license to real estate organizations and enterprises. MLSs, associations and brokerages use Proxio’s technology and services to extend their reach internationally – to enable their members to transact business across the globe and to provide a greater value proposition for the clients they serve. For more information, visit

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