In 2006, I got a lesson in (a) humility and (b) the value of relationships that has forever changed the way I see this business. As the listing agent on a property owned by a family in Williamsburg, Virginia, I thought I had proved my worth as a broker when I brought in multiple offers the the owner only to find out that the banks involved were unwilling to accept the contingencies of rezoning included in every single offer. When I called Louis Fisher in Florida to ask about how an auction might solve our dilemma, I truly felt like I was hoisting a white “surrender” flag over my brokerage office. After all, if I had to call in an auctioneer, didn’t that prove I wasn’t a very good broker???

Interestingly, the owners and the banks did not see it that way at all. They all congratulated me on thinking outside of the box to find a creative way to resolve the situation and resolve it we did! After a lot of work to assemble a complete due diligence package and a masterful job of promotion by Louis and his amazing assistant Mitzi, we received an acceptable offer only days before the scheduled opening of the sealed bids and the deal closed 60 days later.

  • The “humility-lesson?” – NEVER be afraid to look beyond the traditional tools of our trade!

  • The “relationship-lesson?” – We can NEVER have too many relationships!

Now, that same Louis Fisher is a team-member of what is arguably going to be the commercial real estate event of 2013. With sponsorship of some of the giants of our industry, AUCTIONPOINT2013 will involve over $350,000 in advertising expenditures and has broken the traditional code of only one brokerage or auction company to involve ALL qualifying properties and brokers from all real estate companies. Buyer premium charges have been reduced to half of what is normal and owners and brokers submit their properties at NO COST with brokers keeping 100% of their commissions and continuing to be able to offer cooperating shares.

I am very honored to have been invited to become an “AP13 Ambassador” to help promote this event here in the Mid-Atlantic area. As an Ambassador, I will be meeting with owners and brokers to assist them in participating in the event and while I am available to represent properties, it is absolutely not required. Please give me a call at 804.396.4050 or email me at for a FREE consultation and details on how to participate. 

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